Debt Collection in Europe

Europe brings its own challenges when speaking of debt collection.

Geographical considerations happen to be key. Debts in Europe cross borders easily, leaving hardly any trace. A multitude of legislations and almost as many languages only add up to the struggle in the attempt of resolving cases.

InterStation has brought into being its own solutions to make recovery successful across the european market. Over the years we have built an investigation team and a legal network that spreads over the continent. Identically, our debt collection agents overcome payment excuses and eliminate miscommunication by understanding the local market culture and its payment habits.

We have developed:

  • Multicultural investigative capabilities;
  • Knowledge of all countries in Europe and their respective languages;
  • A European legal forwarding network; and
  • Cost-effective debt collection methods

While experience is important, it is equally important to learn and assimilate novelty.

In the course of the creation and the evolution of Europe’s community, many changes emerge. Mentalities change as modernity and globality enters the household.

At InterStation not only we readjust, we also stay in tune with the world’s changes.

Take the road to successful debt collection in Europe.