International Debt Collections

While international markets can mean tremendous growth opportunities for businesses, it also requires understanding how world economies differ from yours. One has to have experience dealing with foreign governments and their laws, trade restrictions and requirements, the differing currencies and credit reporting criteria.

When expanding into the international arena, most businesses do not have the in-house resources to pursue delinquent, past due debt outside of their native country. This requires the expertise of an international debt collection agency.

We collect debts in Europe or in the rest of the world our professionalism and commitment remain the key values to keep our customers serene and trustful. InterStation has persevered utilizing transparent methods and impeccable ethics. Privacy has remained at the hilltop of our priorities and values. We believe this to be the winning formula, for our very first clients still confide in us with no limits. They consider us as being part of the same family to such point they have enticed their overseas colleagues to use our international debt collection services.

International Medical Debt

Bad debt in the healthcare sector is on the rise. Not only because we are living in times where traveling is easy, but certainly because we are in the globalization area and it has become a common practice to receive any type of services just as if we where still at home. And sometimes better for cheaper!

Our service are particularly beneficial to healthcare providers: our first area of expertise, being dedicated to solving unpaid international accounts in the following three cases:

The occasional tourist that falls ill or has an accident, depending on the gravity of his disease or injuries is not required to pay his bill right away or simply cannot. Unfortunately once gone, it has become impossible to trace him or his guarantor and his insurance company remains distant and secretive. Your many reminders reciprocate no answer.

The expatriate, after several months or years he/she is gone home leaving behind outstanding bills. His home address is no longer valid. This looks like a dead-end.

The medical tourist, is a patient that travels with the plan to benefit from aesthetic or medical surgery. What ever the reasons behind such choice, the patient has received the treatment and is now long gone home. Just like in the two previous cases – you have lost trace of the person.

International Financial Debt

Banks and Credit institutions are also experiencing difficulties with their clients. While only a few months ago, these were paying in due time, more and more are extending payment delays. The number of your debtors is growing.

Credit cards: these debts are on the rise – While fewer and fewer credit cards are being extended due to the current global credit and economic crisis, many were issued in previous years and now have delinquent balances from past use. Don’t let your business suffer because your customers fail to pay their debts.

Checking accounts and loans: After years of providing much-needed services, banks experience debt collection issues due to delinquent customer checking accounts and loans. Overdrawn checking where customers have depleted the funds and gone away. Loans that are no longer paid, and your debtor is no longer in your country.

In all above listed situations, InterStation recovers the international debt.

This comprises the following services. We will speak in your name and defend your interests while:

The financial services industry, credit controls and insolvency processes
The expertise and discipline required for successful collections
The necessity to represent our corporate clients in such a way that their reputation is not adversely impacted, and
The importance to have feedback and communication with our clients on all matters entrusted to us