Our Debt Collection Services Will Help Your Company to:

Increase cash flow
Reduce costs
Increase attention to your business
Reduce burden


InterStation offers effective and low-cost debt collection services. We help you act towards loss prevention, debt recovery services, and financial solutions. Our Collection Agency provides a low cost and effective solution for managing your accounts receivable. Our collection services has a long track record of success operating in a professional way. We have been in business for over a decade in one of the most highly regulated debt collection industries in the nation.

Our debt recovery solutions can help your business to collect on the debts owed to you. A variety of professionals are available to aid a business in getting debts collected. The process involves a careful examination of who owes you money and what stage in the collection process they are in.

All businesses face some debts that go unpaid when they allow for credit purchases. Even in the largest businesses, this slows down cash flow and can cripple the business’s ability to grow. Advanced bad debt recovery services can help. We provides free information, guidance, debt collection tips, and education regarding a wide variety of debt recovery solutions. We strive to provide the highest quality consulting services in regards to debt collection – often for free.

Tailor-made Services

Our collection agency is the only company in the market-place offering such a comprehensive level of service at an international level. Using all the means at our disposal to recover monies owed through working to the highest standards of integrity and sensitivity together with a success-based commission system, you have the guarantee of a thorough and professional handling of files

One account manager for every client. Beyond regular reporting, at any time upon request you will be given an update of the situation with any of your files.

We aim to develop a partnership offering a service tailor-made to your needs taking into account the demands of client-patient confidentiality whilst always remaining alert and willing to adapt to changes in circumstances.

From a multilingual and multicultural agents armada through national-level investigators and to a growing network of lawyers and attorneys, built over the years, our agency is uniquely positioned to provide a worldwide class collection service. The use of our services is the best solution for collecting bad debts. Your cash flow will increase and all those pay off bills will no longer be a burden.

Our Services include

Receivables management

Debt collection


Investigation & Research

Legal advice & service

Committed to our clients’

We aim at preserving the valuable and trusting relationship between our clients and their customers. One of the many ways is to protect the security and confidentiality of our clients’ patient information.

We know that a commitment to our clients means a commitment to our clients customers!

As debt collectors we are always mindful of future customer relationships and can request payment in a way that won’t offend or alienate your customers. We obtain payment of an account utilizing a successful and flexible debt recovery process. We approach each case individually and request payment through a combination of letter and telephone requests. Our debt recovery effort is escalated with every attempt we make to collect your account. Our debt recovery services are a proven way of collecting a bad debt and normally result in the prompt payment of an account. However, should your customer fail to make payment after our involvement then we may recommend that legal action be taken.

An extension to your own services

InterStation  delivers full service receivables management and debt collection. We have particular expertise in working with the healthcare sector across the five continents. In general practice we are the intermediary between your accounts departments and your patients. Our collective experience covers a range of associated activities which include negotiating: accounts receivable and bad debts as well as offering pre-collection services. Our dedicated research crew, in addition to it’s skill, also uses a number of modern days tools provided by internet services that help tracking files.

Our Engagement

Our Engagement

To take into strict account all legal requirements and considerations when carrying out our mandate on behalf of the client.
To be ethical and sensitive in the way we proceed by respecting the culture of the debtors and the persons contacted.
To report to the client on a regular basis in a clear and concise manner explaining the nature of the work being undertaken.
To assign specifically qualified personnel to carry out the work required.
To establish the best means of communication, whether electronic or otherwise, in order to be able to apprise the client of the latest developments and for him to be able to update his own software.
To take the greatest care to protect the integrity of the customer in all the relevant aspects of his relationship with debtors and with their relatives.
Partnership basis fosters good communications
Online Reporting Services