Debt Collection Process Italy

Debt Collection Process in Italy | Debt Collection Fees in Italy

1. Registered collection Letter

As soon as your Italian customer is not paying within the stipulated conditions of payment you must act quickly and place your file with our Italian team of collectors.

2. Claim handling

InterStation is a soft and hard debt collection agency. We have an Italian speaking team and partner Italian lawyers able to act localy in any city of Italy.  Furthermore, our Italian team talks your debtor’s language but yours as well.

3.a Managing debt collection in Italy

An essential, ethnic difference is between the Italian as well as the foreign approach towards payment. Italian debtors barely pay on time, which is not the case of other EU countries….there are as well different way of handling claims, Milano is not Napoli and even the accent of the account manager may delay a payment with the debtor.

3.b Out of Court Claims

After your claim has been handed over by you to us, our Team will contact your debtor telephone within the same day. In Italy, a demand letter from an attorney is taken quite seriously. We can, after examining your file, let you’ve our additional guidance in the event the debtor will not pay within the stipulated period of payment. As we has managed the whole file from the start, our guidance regarding legal proceedings could be drafted immediately, while including information that has been gathered during the extraLegal stage.

3.c Legal Claims

In Italy, there are just two manners of proceeding against debtors. This is done by way of wide-ranging common proceedings of by way of a fast order for payment. An enforcement order is called for to be able to apply a claim in Italy. This is an order for payment (decreto ingiuntivo).

It’s not impossible to begin an order for payment procedure. The edge of these proceedings is the chance to request the court for execution by expectation. It’s 40 days following the opposing party was served. Concurrently, in the event the execution has been given by the court by expectation, we’ll carry on with the enforcement proceedings. This will enable the opposing party’s goods to freeze until the ending of the proceedings that are public.

These proceedings include hearings, as well as the Court will examine the case in depth, which is why these proceedings are more costly and take more. These proceedings are advisable when there are other facets affected, and when the debt retrieval issue is complicated.

3.d Winding-up

Proceedings are essential to acquire an enforceable title, including an order or a judgment, before winding-up proceedings may be commenced.

There is a prejudgment seizure intended to safeguard the from theft, and to ensure the lender the debtor’s goods don’t disappear. In fact, it is a means to predict the seizure of goods. The prejudgment seizure relies on:

These demands are difficult to establish, and as a result, the court will normally not permit prejudgment seizure. Once a certain judgment was given, the prejudgment seizure will soon be transformed into a real seizure.

4. Guidance on debt retrieval in Italy

Don’t wait to get in touch with our Italian Team regarding your debt recovery in Italy, early collections is the key for successfull collections. Use the Contact form and we will get back to you the same day.