Debt Collection Agency

Why use a debt collection agency?

The answer is easy. This is a different business from yours. We have the capacity to recover your bad debt as we have the experience and our toolbox is well supplied.

Even if you had an incredible ability as a plumber, it is likely that this is not the task for which you are currently employed.
Our employees: from the investigator to the lawyer, through to the account manager, know how to use their capabilities and the tools available to them – with great skill.

Our main focus as a collection company, is that the debt be erased in the minimum amount of time possible. Thus, a positive conclusion for all three parties:

  • the debtor is relieved from his debt;
  • our client recovers the monies he is owed;
  • we have concluded another successful case.

Our debt collection savoir-faire

As a debt collection company operating in the entire world, we know how important communication is. To be able to communicate in the debtors language tops the list. However it is equally important to know and understand cultures.

Often ignored, the background of a person is also considered by us a key factor. The ways in which you communicate with a person can lead to a successful deal or to complete end of communication.

Our company offers to bring its know-how into your premises and act as liaison between you and your clients.

Direct benefits

  • Time has become luxury; let us take over your collection calls;
  • Recover your dues, increase you cash flow;
  • Safeguard your reputation; we collect within the legal framework;
  • At hand legal advice, our legal network is also yours;

Indirect benefits

  • Reduce stress to your staff
  • Improve your image
  • Prevent bankruptcy
 Additional services

The services of a collection agency are composed of an array of ancillary services, often forgotten or ignored.

  • Researching & skip-tracing;
  • Writing and speaking with the debtor, his insurer and/or his guarantor;
  • Mediating and if necessary scheduling payments;
  • Launching legal procedures when applicable.

When we speak of language capabilities, this means that these ancillary services are also made in the required language.

Being a debt collection agency is all this at once.