Medical Debt Collections

Keep your reputation safe

Patients nowadays travel the world. Hiring a full team of collection agents, ranging from investigators to lawyers, may be necessary but can be time consuming and extremely expensive. This is where a professional debt collection company can help, especially those specializing in medical debts.

Recover your medical collections or medical billing without damaging your reputation, losing your patients, or destroying your profit margin in the medical collections. IWMC is a highly recommended medical collections service that can assist you to diminish write-offs and keep your patients coming back to you for care. If your practice is sending out uncountable invoices with very little success, the time might be right to use our highly recommended medical collections service.

Our medical collection methods can motivate delinquent patients to pay you for the medical services you provided to them. Using our medical collections service lets your patients know you are determined to get paid what you are legally and ethically owed even when they have left your country.


Our expertise of ethical medical collections will make the difference.

Medical debt collection is now more complex than ever and is increasing. We will take all necessary steps with the patient and his insurance to recover for you so that your costs are covered. Collecting your bad debt or medical billing by using medical collection services actually frees up your cash. Our medical debt collections service can allow you to concentrate on what you do best – provide healing care.


All hallmarks required for  excellence, sustainability and success.


Your standards and values for medical debt collections.


IWMC offers a one-stop service for the collection of your medical outstanding accounts.

medical debt collections

With years of collections experience in the healthcare industry coupled with international expertise and in-house investigative capabilities, IWMC has a receivables management methodology that has proved a winning formula.

With an international coverage, we operate across geographical, cultural and language barriers to offer a full domestic and international debt recovery service. We are HIPAA compliant, our staff are multilingual and our investigative department operates internationally.

Patient treatment is your priority, successful recovery of patient accounts is ours; between these events lays a process that can be complicated and time-consuming. That’s why our team of qualified polyglots has been established and trained to manage the collection process from cradle to grave. Our service upholds our clients’ values and standards – protects your reputation – while also acting within all applicable laws to deliver a successful conclusion to the recovery process. We understand that while a professional image is important, delivery is vital.