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Legal Collection Turkey | Debt Collection Fees Turkey

1. Amicable stage

It’s always possible to get guarantees from a debtor in thought of his debt including a surety, letter of hypothec, assurance or guarantee

2. Legal stage

A court action may be either introduced by a claimant or directly commence enforcement proceedings.

The prescription interval to introduce a claim in court is based on the reasons of the claim. The prescription interval may differ from 6 months to ten years.

Generally, charges and the legal costs for a national process are computed according to a percent (5,94%) of the sum that’s claimed. Nevertheless, pursuant to the laws of the Republic of Turkey, some forms of proceedings need a flatrate sum of about 100 EUR, grown by other prices including expert fees, survey fees, etc. translation fees.

The lawyer fee may also be a flat rate sum in the event the legal fees are a flat rate amount. The flat rate amount of lawyer fees changes in accordance with the form of courts. Mainly, the lawyer fee is a portion of the sum that is claimed. These percents change according to specific sums that are fixed.

Seizures and injunctions are possible in the Republic of Turkey.

There’s no time limit for the process in the judicial phase. Claim files¬† must be translated into Turkish. Court fees and professional fees are recoverable if an arrangement could be reached between the par- ties. The retrieval of interests is not impossible but the lender has to hold this right in the instant the foreign demands his receivables, otherwise the interests will not be allowed. The rate of interest can be freely agreed upon by parties.

In the lack thereof, the law provisions that are associated will likely be implemented. Suitable fees for late payments may also be agreed between parties.

Only lawyers have the right to do foreign judgements.

Charges and the prices for enforcement is determined by the subject matter of the judgement. If it does not concern receivables, the professional fees and fees and the legal costs are set sums. In case receivables are regarded by the subject matter, the same percentages as mentioned here upwards will be charged.

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