Worldwide Debt Collections

We are an international debt recovery agency resolving exclusively cross border cases , utilising its own resources of multicultural, multilingual recovery specialists.

In-house multicultural, multilingual recovery specialists, supported by a network of investigators and lawyers.

We aim to develop a partnership offering a service tailor-made to your needs taking into account the demands of client-patient confidentiality whilst always remaining alert and willing to adapt to changes in circumstances.

We have developed:

Our agency serves the requirements of clients world-wide including trading corporations, banks, credit export insurers and other financial institutions, by implementing debt recovery solutions in any part of the world.

We learn from experience and it is now our policy to operate from one central office world-wide. Our staff are concentrated in one central office, thus combining experience and enabling them to exchange ideas, knowledge and expertise.

We deliver full service receivables management and debt collection. Our services are covering credit cash management and collection of disputed and undisputed receivables, generally on a contingency fee basis.

We have particular expertise in working with the healthcare sector across the five continents, offering a one-stop service for the collection of outstanding accounts. With years of collections experience in the healthcare industry coupled with international expertise and in-house investigative capabilities, InterStation has a receivables management methodology that has proved a winning formula.