Debt Collection Software

More than a collection software: Efficient App, the all in one debt collections, CRM, data mining and reporting system.

When Efficient App used to be only a debt collection software, we man-handled many tasks. By upgrading the system, we bestowed Efficient App with the full functionalities of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Like before, Efficient App allows InterStation agents and its back-office staff to fully monitor accounts from the moment the claim is placed to its resolution. Customers and agents alike can follow all the steps. With the enhancements, most of the tasks are automated, thus avoid any omissions or errors.

For instance, incoming and outgoing emails, with or from, the debtor, the agent, the customer or a third party are automatically stored in the appropriate account with its corresponding note. When an action is triggered, and requires the attention of one or several persons, it will mark their personal agendas, with the required action and the deadline. When the person is the customer or an external agent it will send an email and remind the person until the task is completed.

Our app is as well proposed as self-hosted and SAAS solution, just contact us if you are looking for a tailor made collection system for your agency.

Customer Perspective

Search and view your portfolio:
check each claims’ status and ongoing work.

Document uploading:
Link attachments like invoices, contract copies etc

Communication history:
automatically registers all incoming and
outgoing e-mails within account.

Information exchange:
emails, letters and discussion thread.
All stays in the account.

print or schedule-email your reports –
the customer monitors his preferences

And more:
Chat support and extended reporting
services to name just a few.